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Antes de a gente começar a falar sobre comidas que você não deve dar pro seu cão, vamos primeiro entender por que. O sistema digestivo dos cachorros, embora contenha os mesmos órgãos que o nosso, é…

Dog looking soulfully at cupcakes -- Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

painting white - Pesquisa Google

"They were all initially bred from Scotch Terriers (note: which means dogs from Scotland, not today's Scottish Terrier) and shown as such.the name Yorkshire Terrier was offered to them on account of their becoming enhanced so much in Yorkshire.

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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World

Thought you would enjoy Sir Stuffington the one eyed floof!

207-0723-1401-K-West.jpg (640×480)

207-0723-1401-K-West.jpg (640×480)

holy christ this is totally Pebbles about to attack @Becky Nahom @Carson Chappins

Looks more like an attacking Westie! Flying Westie - how can you not smile at this?

Sweetness  right here!

Sweetness right here!

So adorable...I'm in love!

What a face! This site has some of the most beautiful photos of Westies ever!