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I'll try.

My heart breaks for those who's family is in denial or says "pray about it". I hope every person who has the horrific pain of feeling suicidal knows, you are SO important! So worthy of living and YOU matter!

Beautifully sad

This makes me incredibly sad. Anyone, who os reading this, if you are in any sort of problems. I WILL listen, I will help. Please don't kill yourself.

Maybe I'll be continuously tormented by this amazing life right in front of me, but I can't feel it

I do not think it possible to "live a happy life" once one loses a child or children. I think one can feel happy, however it is always veiled in the sorrow of burying your child. Glimpses of happiness are the best I get.~~Bethany's Mom, Suzanne V.

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Everything but the first one

Not suicidal, but I don't want to exist either. The physical pain and emotional emptiness are just too sometimes.