11. #KK100 in #Shenzhen, #China stands at 1449 feet, the #Kingkey, is the icon of the #Shenzhen, the #manufacturing metropolis, north of #Hong #Kong. The building's distinctive; #glass top portion covers a #restaurant and #shopping mall.

Kingkey 100 by Farrells. The curtain wall facade curls up at the base of the building to create a canopy over the entrance to the offices, while a shopping centre branches out from the other side. A hotel occupies the uppermost 25 floors of the tower.

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Galeria de Menção Honrosa no Concurso para a Sede Administrativa da Câmara de Vereadores de Porto Alegre / A3 arquitetura.engenharia - 15


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Gallery - Foster + Partners Break Ground on 425 Park Avenue - 10

Gallery of Foster + Partners Break Ground on 425 Park Avenue - 10