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I Swear this is so true

what's your emergency cashier:This girl showed me 20 items that costs 10 cents and she said she was going to steal it. dispatcher:we'll have a patrol officer there tomorrow Cashier: >_<

This is true sadly!♡

then its the spiral of lies, fake wiki pages, paying people etc. just to prove you are in fact right!


Teenager Post The awkward moment when a film says, "based on a true story" and it automatically become 100 times scarier.

Teenager post

This is the most annoying thing ever, who takes that long to type like WTF


*Teacher leaves room during a test* Elementary School: "Psstt, hey, can I have a pencil? WHATS NUMBER So true😂


Sometimes it's so bad, it hit play and repause it, to give the on-screen actor a second chance at dignity. Never ever ever pause Disney