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"Women Who Wear Black Lead Colorful Lives." - Neiman Marcus quote To my mom, who taught me how to teach, how to accessorize, and dear heavens wear black because it is true women who wear black do lead colorful lives!


That wasn’t very Versace of you

Cheap X Chic.

A Fashion ethos by Karl Lagerfeld, of course

99 Inspirational Art Quotes from Famous Artists

List of 99 inspirational art quotes from famous artists to encourage, motivate, inspire, uplift, and stimulate creativity.

Karl Lagerfeld, by expressrunway -

i like to reinvent myself, it's part of my job, quote


"Women who wear black lead colourful lives" Neiman Marcus


Il me dit que je suis belle

☑️Building My Empire

Single, taken, or building your empire?<<< well, technically I'm currently planning world domination, but same thing right?

Audrey Hepburn

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades- Audrey all my beautiful women out there


Photo (observando)

"Hey you, too much thinking not enough doing." words of wisdom and beautiful calligraphy

“People will stare. Make it worth their time.” - Harry Winston

People will stare. Make it worth their while. / Harry Winston – Live Life People will stare. Make it worth their while. / Harry Winston – Live Life was last…

everything you can imagine is real.

la la loving / littles

Everything you can imagine is real-Pablo Picasso quote

You wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you.

"Your can be the chicest thing in a t-shirt and jeans.

Be Yourself quote by #judygarland   via #mollyjacques

Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else - Judy Garland. Lettering by Molly Jacques

I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth ~ Karl Lagerfeld. So funny to me!