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The Good Thing About Comas and Sleeping Princesses (?) aka Ugly Princesses Not Allowed Pt 2

Anna and Kristoff's son, Joseff :) - He has Anna's eyes!!!

Prince Joseff of Arendelle - Kristoff and Anna's son. i personally love this idea! if i was in Arendelle and i didn't get to have Kristoff id surely take Joseff anyday! maybe i can write a fanfic.


Why The Death Of Disney’s Mother Can’t Explain The Absence Of Disney Mothers

For the first time in forever❄️ if Elsa were Anna

For the first time in forever❄️ if Elsa were Anna << I like the blue version of this dress much better 😍😍

Next Generation_Triton/Athena by SilverBuller on DeviantArt

The children of Triton and Athena from The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning if they had a son and/or daughter. Next Generation_Triton/Athena

Disney Children - Kids of Disney Princes and Princesses - Cosmopolitan

The end is terrible but I thought this was neat. This is disney families with children

Jasmine's father Jane's father and Belle's father look really similar for me

Have you ever noticed there are really only two types of Disney fathers? Not particularly verbose, often.


I've seen several of these throughout the site and decided to start my own series. It features the sons and/or daughters of Disney, Don Bluth, and other similar couples. I ONLY will accept human re.