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"Phantom is about Christine’s innocent love for Raoul and her deep physical attraction to Erik. Christine has a choice between light and darkness, between a young man who is foolish but courageous and faithful in his attempts to save her, and a man innocent in physical pleasures but mature in the art of seduction and manipulation." Repinning for the interesting comment.

Phantom of the Opera: Lust & Love

Pictures from the point of no return. Wallpaper and background photos of Point of no Return for fans of ALW's Phantom of the Opera movie images.

HAHAHAHa phantom of the opera and Christmas

Phantom of the Opera is here! -- Musicals, Phantom of the Opera, funny meme…

Elderly Erik Visits Christine's Grave by ofbeautsandbeasts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Phantom of the Opera fanart

*sobs uncontrollably when I see Raoul's grave, because I always imagine Raoul as Hadley Fraser (the anniversary version) and he is such an important person gosh I love him*


Phantom of the Opera movie and musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Lol phantom to Christine

And the snap response was, "I am good with this!I think I'm in trouble. Phantom+of+the+Opera+Jokes

The Phantom gets his party on!

storyowls: “ The masquerade scene in the edition of POTO is so serious when the phantom shows up and so scary. But back-stage Ramin Karimloo is just.” Why I love theater people xD

bookshopphantom:  For a moment, it looks like he has no idea what to do with her. ❤️

bookshopphantom: For a moment, it looks like he has no idea what to do with her. ❤️ AND THEN THAT SMIRK

It's the same guy lol

Yep, and he was the only good thing about the 2004 movie.well, all right, him and the Chandelier ---> Ramin Karimloo played both Christine's father in the movie version of "Phantom of the Opera", and then the Phantom himself on stage :P