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elevator of castle - Pesquisa Google

elevator of castle - Pesquisa Google

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Modernize your existing elevator with your choice of custom designs for commercial or residential applications.

Elevators are in almost every hotel, unless it is a single floor hotel, which is rather uncommon. In most states, an ordinary care of maintenance and operation is required. In some states a high degree of care is required. Elevator maintenance is a nondelegable duty, meaning a hotel will be responsible for any injuries even if the hotel hired a maintenance company who overlook a problem which caused an injury.

Empire State Building elevator doors - I know i notice odd things but I can't help that I find these very interesting

goldene Aufzugstüren als Optische Täuschung

Style your door trompe-l'oeil Golden Elevator by Couture Deco

Elevator   (So, it's not at all practical, but it sure is beautiful!)

Lovely and elegant wooden paneled antique elevator with chandelier, mirror and beautiful woodwork.

The old elevators in the hotel often failed, but stuck alone for hours in the newer parking garage elevator.

elevatorbob's Elevator Pictures - Car Operating Panels - Page 4

Elevators can be designed to be hidden behind a locked door

safe-room elevator hidden behind a door. Add emergency phone and disguise it as…

elevator of palace - Pesquisa Google

elevator of palace - Pesquisa Google

Vintage c. 1930's Art Deco Bronze Elevator Panel Glass Buttons ~ Filene's Boston

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CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Here are a few shots of the old cage elevator in the famous Transit Building. I can well remember riding up in .