sherlock My art johnlock Fic rec performance in a leading role madlori<---That was a damn good fanfic.

Support me on Patreon! => Reapersun@PatreonPage 1 - Page 2->I got lots of requests for Johnlock and particularly a continuation of my 30 Day OTP Challenge comics and so here are married John and Sherlock spending 8 pages in bed together :) Patreon funders are gonna get this comic first, but afterward I’ll start posting the pages here too~ If you want more comics like this then support me through Patreon or reblogging my work!

Bed day in Bakerstreet. Sherlock invented it when John asked him what he wished for when they married. I bet.

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Okay first: Yeah I didn't use my OC's cause I wanted to use Holmes characters. YEAH I mix three different Holmes series. There isn't all questions what were in orginal meme 'cause I wa.

londonbattlefield:  30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 2 (cuddling)

londonbattlefield: 30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 2 (cuddling Don't even ship it, but it's so cute!

reapersun: if either remembers in the morning, they never let it show.<<< yes oh my gid

Sherlock BBC - Sherlock Holmes x John Watson - Johnlock

Sherlock BBC - Sherlock Holmes x John Watson - Johnlock <-- with a peak of mycroft/lestrade

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John reading The Hobbit before Sherlock makes him sleep Johnlock

It's so beautiful how they can understand each others feelings

I kindof do kindof don't ship Johnlock. I think they should be together but not in a lovey-dovey sort of way. GO JOHNLOCK

For you JohnLock shippers! Haaaaa #Sherlock BBC #johnlock

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The Johnlock shippers are still trying to get over the fact that other Sherlock characters ship Johnlock harder than them.

I don't care if you ship johnlock or not, this is how it should have gone. Even friends would get emotional enough to hug in a situation like this!

Fixed it. It isn't Johnlock, yet it has certain feel to it that is more caring and the way the are inside. I didnt quite like how formal their goodbye ended up being. <<< I ship Johnlock but even if this is platonic I love this