Here, celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni shares his top beauty tips to looking like amazing in your wedding portraits.  Contrary to popular belief, more is not better when it comes to bridal makeup, says Gafni.  Shimmery products have a tendency to reflect back in flash photography.

Ready, Set, Smile: 5 Picture-Perfect Makeup Hacks

Sandra Suy Fashion Illustrations Sandra Suy loves drawing people , especially beautiful women with beautiful dresses. She studied fashion design, but what she likes most is drawing, so she decided to.

Oil Pastels, interesting use of colour to such as purple to create shadows and depth, blending colours to create smooth skin like appearance

Saatchi Art Artist Kristian Mumford; Drawing, "The head of Anxiety" #art

The head of Anxiety Drawing by Kristian Mumford

Agnes Cecile.        On Tumblr:

The Italian artist Silvia Pelissero, better known as agnes-cecile, primarily creates emotionally evocative watercolor paintings. Though completing some art classes while in high school, Pelissero …

Love the emotion of this                                                                                                                                                      More

Inspiring picture art, beautiful, beauty, black and white, drawing. Find the picture to your taste!

Seductively Surreal Snapshots - An Imaginative Creative Photography Series by Allen Staley Amazes (GALLERY)

Seductively Surreal Snapshots

Hum, magoeiiii... (rs) DC

"Almost Famous" - Scott Rohlfs, acrylic on wood, 2014 {female head expressive…

I need to pursue sketching... I'm really drawn to this stuff... love the freckles on this one!

I'm not sure who the artist is, but whoever did it did a beautiful job. I especially like the lips and the eye. Love the idea of shading with freckles.