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Typography Print - Inspirational Quote Word Art "You are only confined by the walls you build yourself"


Photo (The Messes of Men)

I'm sorry for being grumpy and sad. I just get overwhelmed sometimes. I can even get overwhelmed with good things if there's too much at once and it makes the walls come up.


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Im ready!

Be Willingto Take a Chance because You Never Know How Perfect Something Could Turn Out to Be

Follow your dreams

Start living the life that you have always dreamed.

Remember you are a different person now than before. You are wiser and stronger for the trials that you have been through. - Leon Brown Visit http://www.reflectionway.com

'You are wiser and stronger for the trials you have been through' -Leon Brown. Life with Chronic Illness, keep going!

be careful when you speak. Love it. Reminds me of my step dad. He has always said this...and lives it

Funny pictures about Better keep your mouth shut. Oh, and cool pics about Better keep your mouth shut. Also, Better keep your mouth shut photos.

Find what you're looking for when you stop looking

And in my case when it was going well, stuff of nightmares and lifetime movies happened.


Learn from your mistakes and see every bad experience as an opportunity to grow and become a better person inspirational quotes