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Social Graffiti, I love it! Banksy, England based graffiti artist: "Keep your coins, I want Change" has seriously been my desktop pic forever.I want change.

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Banksy Einstein Love premium quality 16 x 20 Canvas Gilcee Print graffiti

Just once, I would like to lose at the "I love you more" game.

Someone from Arden Town posted a whisper, which reads "Just once, I would like to lose at the "I love you more" game.

The Gray Ghost.. Artist: Banksy

Great collection of Banksy Graffiti Drawings. Great collection of Banksy Graffiti Drawings.

Self explanatory. Banksy.

Street art logo war The Blade of Saturn. 'Nike impaling a child', street art, graffiti art.


Banksy Detroit Serena - Poignant yet simple message, the notorious artist makes an important point, on how the world has changed and we now have concrete and breaks rather than trees;

Graffiti artist Banksy has struck again. This time hes painted a mural behind a security fence with a CCV camera pointed at it. Photo by Thomas Hawk, 2008  Pure brilliance!

Banksy pulled off astunt to produce what is believed to be his largest work yet in central London. The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.


Platoon Berlin by URBAN ARTefakte.This artist interested me and I enjoy how ironic it is.

Image detail for -... as our canvasstreet_art_graffiti_april_4_banksy » STREET ART UTOPIA

Incredible Street Art That Will Amuse And Amaze

Artist: Banksy If graffiti changed anything it’d be illegal Banksy’s 2010 directorial debut Exit Through the Gift Shop feature-.