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Grandy Nanny was a chieftaness, a leader of Jamaica’s Windward Maroons, who successfully waged war with and held off the greatest military power on earth from 1724 to 1739 suffering only one majour defeat in 1734 at Nanny Town when the British, having managed to surprise the Maroons as they slept, fired upon them with portable swivel guns.


Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom

A Desolate Place for a Defiant People. Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom

Jamaica's National Heroes- Nanny of the Maroons

Descendentes de escravos fugidos espero que o turismo pode salvar seu modo de vida. : Wsj

Queen Nanny was a Maroon leader and Obeah woman in Jamaica during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The Maroons were a cultural mixed-race of African slaves and Native Arawak Indian tribes predated European colonization. Queen Nanny was an escaped slave who arrived from the Western part of Afr

Tarssed Jebest, Algeria. Line of four maroon figures face forwards. Two men at left with very thin spike heads short skirts Two women at right with very thin spike heads. #africanrockart

Tarssed Jebest, Algeria. Maroon painting of two horses galloping to left drawing chariot with charioteer wearing skirt and holding four reins. #africanrockart