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Sopwith Triplanes engages Albatros

1917 08 Sopwith Triplane Black Maria Raymond Collishaw - Robert Karr August, Raymond Collishaw leads the Sopwith Triplanes of Naval 10 in a dogfight against the Albatrosses of Jagdstaffel The German fighter in the upper left was flown.

The Eagle and the Butterfly, by Russell Smith (Albatros DV)

Aviation Art - "The Eagle and the Butterfly" limited edition giclee

This is how big planes are

This is how big planes are

Fokker E.III vs Morane-Saulnier Type L 'Parasol' (Jerry Boucher)

Fokker Eindecker E.I - This image was created as cover art for a book entitled 'Fokker Eindecker Compendium written by Josef Scott. The book is a 'Windsock Datafile' published by Albatros Productions

LVG.  Albert Ball in his Nieuport 17 having just shot down a German LVG. His aircraft, A134, was distinctive in having a bright red spinner. He was the first Royal Flying Corps pilot to score a hat-trick (3 kills on a single mission) and, in the course of his career, scored another two on his way to his outstanding 44 victories.

Albert Ball in his Nieuport 17 having just shot down a German LVG.

Jasta Boelcke Fokker Dr.I Karl Bolle- Robert Karr

This 88 page book contains over 250 photos covering no less than 18 Jastas that operated the iconic Fokker Triplane over the Western Front.

Sopwith Camel B6289 flown by Flt.Lt W.M.Alexander of 10 Naval Squadron based at Teteghem in pursuit of Albatross  DIII, 2225/16 of Jasta 5, early 1918

100 years ago on this day during WW-I, the war to end all wars, would you rather be the Brit pilot or the German one? Magnificent early biplane fighters in flight.