Explore Baby Shadow Boxes, Coming Home Outfit, and more!

Shadow boxes with outfit your baby wore home, hospital bracelet, info card, and any other things you'd like to add

I should do this with the stuff I kep of Sky's and if I ever have another bebe - Shadow boxes with outfit your baby wore home, hospital bracelet, info card, and any other things you'd like to add


Cute Idea: Shadow box with his coming home outfit, hospital bracelet, and birth announcement.

Just made one of these with our pack n play!  My 1 year old loves it!

2 Ways to Upcycle Your Pack 'N Play

Pack N Play repurpose! Cut the mesh from one side, cover the top with fitted sheet, throw in some pillows… reading tent! cute -with-fitted-sheet-throw-in-some-pillows-reading-tent-cute/

Save that hospital cap!! Doing this with Camryns hospital hat. Now I've got to find Austins

Baby hospital hats in a keepsake shadow box. Much better idea than leaving my now 18 yr. old son's newborn hat in storage box!

Baby shadow box

Shadow Box ~ add baby's first photo, their hospital outfit, that tiny hat and any other hospital treasures to the shadow box. adorable, something beautiful to display those cherished baby items! Of course with boy things

Must do!

Baby shadow box a clock with the time they were born. I might put a small clock or other reckoning of the time IN the shadow box.

Shadow box ideas

Newborn clothes/memories in shadowbox. Better than in a box in the closet! A box for each kid, in their bedrooms when little, then moved to the living room when they dont want it in there.

Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child to read...Finally something to do with the cards that you hate to get rid of.

Turn cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read.what an awesome clever idea---going to do this with baby shower cards

Wish i had seen this before i got rid of all my kids monogramed stuff. Great for outgrown baby clothes!

Quilt from all the monogrammed baby stuff you can't reuse. I might could do a 'kid's quilt' with all their monogrammed things on one quilt. It would stay at my house as the grandma quilt someday.

Newborn Shadow Boxes for keeping the memories

Great shadow box idea - Cute ways to preserve and display baby keepsakes. Love the Sophie the Giraffe one!

Technically two of these aren't Nintendo, but three of them are so yeah. My future baby boy will definitely have the Link tunic onesie.

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