French illustrator Elodie Nadreau imparts a stippled peach-fuzz effect over her fashion-based illustrations, giving the portraiture a warm, buzzing glow!

Creative Sketchbook: Intriguing Fashion Illustrations by Camila do Rosari

Camila do Rosário - Camila's drawings will leave you amazed. This young fashion student from Brazil is one to keep an eye on, from her collages to her amazing moleskin's.

Another beautiful artwork by #Ëlodie...love it! <3 #country #woman #sofa

Ëlodie Fashion Illustrations Ëlodie works as a freelance illustrator since She developed her own realistic and poetic style. Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys.

By Esra Røise // NYLON magazine

Pele hidratada no verão

Oslo based freelance illustrator Esra Røise continues blowing her fans with her elegant and whimsical illustrations. Most of artworks feature young figures with

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1588

Sebastien Cuypers aka Cuypi is a French illustrator and art director. This his series of illustrations of “Bones Brigade”

Hideaki Kawashima

Hideaki Kawashima artwork titled Border, 2010 presented by Richard Heller Gallery


'La Marelle Éditions,' wonderful rich colour palettes and characterisation by French illustrator Ëlodie