How to Approach Watercolor Painting As a Beginner

Approach Watercolor Painting As a Beginner

In this video lesson Bob Davies shows you all the different brushmarks you can get with your watercolour brushes. #watercolour

Watercolour Foundation Course: Brushstrokes Really nice video using 4 basic brushes: round, flat, mop, and rigger. In the second half, he demonstrates painting trees with each of the brushes

Secrets in Watercolor: Depth & Realism

WATERCOLOR: Wow, I love her work which is positioned on easels behind her. Another great project for beginners to practice layering.

Watercolor painting tips

Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

Here are 10 watercolor painting tips that will get you well on your way to painting with this sometimes unpredictable but rewarding medium.