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Is there anything more adorable than a chicken in a hand-knitted sweater? (Photo: Nicole McArthur)

These DIY Chicken Sweaters Are Going Viral

Battery chickens are often missing alot of feathers, so people knit them little jumpers to keep them warm until thier feathers grow back.

Chickens Wearing Sweaters

Chickens wearing sweaters to keep warm in winter! My daughter pitched a fit when I wanted to buy sweaters for the dogs, can you imagaine if I got some for the chickens? and ducks, geese and turkeys?

Do you recognise this Emma and Ray? Used to be on our office door!

Some of these chickens received sweaters as part of a British project to rehabilitate abused battery hens. Others have owners who want warm, stylish pets. Regardless, you really can& go wrong with a sweater. More power to you, chickens.

Hens who have been neglected or abused lose their feathers because of the stress. And these little sweaters help keep them warm until their feathers grow back. If you visit Little Hen Rescue, you’ll find a pattern for knitting sweaters for chickens.

Anyone want to knit a sweater for little hen rescue? The Little Hen Rescue is a UK charity dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused chickens, many of which have lost their feathers due to stress and abuse.

This is so funny! I don't know who to give credit for this.

Who can't use a Chicken Stroller. Reminds me of the man who came to the vet with his rooster cuz the rooster (that runs in his home as a pet) wouldnt eat.


Here is a chicken wearing a sweater including free instructions on how to make a chicken sweater :)

Rescued laying hen wearing stylish sweaters while they go through rehabilitation. As many of you know, these laying hens are kept in very bad conditions on egg farms and usually have no few to no feathers. The sweaters help them stay warm while their feathers grow back. I wish I had a place for some of these hens so I could adopt a few.   Please don't buy eggs that come from egg factories!

Chickens Wearing Sweaters

adopted factory farm chicken wearing a sweater until her feathers grow back .

Taking knitting to the next barnyard level! Charity knitting pattern Chicken Coat by mypdfpatterns on Etsy, $2.00

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Easter Chicken Coats with Matching Hats by designer mypdfpatterns.

DIY Chicken Sweaters

My chickens need these. Someone knit me a chicken sweater! How to knit a chicken sweater AND how to get it on your chicken. (YOU NEVER KNOW when life's circumstances will call for a chicken sweater.

Knitting Chicken Sweaters My mom’s been with us for the past 2 weeks and it’s been driving me nuts! Out of desperation, I gave her a whole bunch of crappy yarn to keep her occupied. Then this happened…

Knitting for chickens.