Fairy boat house

Fairy House Boat - this would be cute moored at the edge of a garden pond. Now my grandsons would like this.not too 'girly' as the older one says lol

garden gate.. You could easily DIY w/ twigs hot glue gun & patience- fairly basic; I'd start w/ the outside & work inward.

fairy garden accessories {Note to self. Make a Fairy Garden at my fur-babies graves.

pinecone shingles

Snow Village Lamp - Fillable glass lamp idea using homemade Putz houses!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a work tent in a fairy garden? One would have to use material other than paper, though!

Great techniques to build a miniature camping tent or garden structure for the dollhouse by christa

TADA!!!!!  if you make any of these little guys let me know...I'd love to see them! =D

Bottle Cap Footstools Photo Tutorial - This blew my mind! These R 2 small for Barbie's feet but there are so many other bottle tops we can adapt

Best diy miniature fairy garden ideas (59)

Best diy miniature fairy garden ideas (59

Best diy miniature fairy garden ideas (59)

Fairy Furniture Dollhouse Toilet van fairyfurnishings

Fairy Furniture Dollhouse Toilet

Miniature plantscapes known as fairy gardens enchant Midwest gardeners. Here's how to make your own.

Create a Magical Miniature Garden

Easy accessories: Craft an arbor from twigs and raffia, or a garden grotto from pieces of bark. A small mirror makes a good reflecting pool. Aquarium gravel can be used as a garden path.

Fairy Garden Hammock, not my favorite material...but the idea is amazing and totally DIY-able.

Fairy Gardens fit for Fairies, Hobbits, Gnomes, & Borrower's

How To Make Fairy Furniture | bp.blogspot.com

Fancilicious Fairylands: Welcome to Woodland Fairy Village! Check out the site for more beautiful fairy creations

fairy gazebo roofed with pinecones

Ten inches tall, the gazebo is shingled with pinecone petals and capped with a mini-pinecone finial. The wooden base is floored with hardwood boards and stained a mossy green. The "shingles" are supported by a twig framework.