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Natalie Loves...: Do-it-yourself glittered Christmas houses

In the midst of (supposedly) getting a head start on decorating for Christmas this weekend, I somehow found myself elbows deep in glass glit.

Antique Christmas Village Putz House

Antique Christmas Village Putz Church, one of my favourites. Papa Ted's Place is now archived on the Big Indoor Trains web site.

paper mache house project | Vintage Paper Cardboard Victorian Christmas Village Houses Old

They are just cardboard houses that we painted and glittered and put fake snow on. Also known as Putz houses.

Vintage Putz House Collection.

I gathered my collection of vintage Putz houses for a photo shoot before packing them away.

Damaged Christmas putz house restored

How to Repair Damaged Christmas Putz houses with replacement parts available to buy.

online auction Christmas putz item

History of the Christmas Putz Houses and Villages custom. New putz item pictures every month.