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based on Celtic Art, these wondeful wooden wall hangings by Jack Dolan

Wooden Celtic Knot, Letter J from the Book of Kells by jackdolanwoodcraft on…

Based on the illuminated "A" on folio 125r of The Book of Kells. It is made from Steamed Beech inlayed with Irish Yew and Oak. It is presented in a feminine setting. ETSY.........

:: Crafty :: Wood :: Book of Kells in Wood - Wall Hanging illuminated letter (A) feminine setting

Book of Kells in Wood wall hanging by jackdolanwoodcraft on Etsy  Amazing artisian

:: Crafty :: Wood :: Book of Kells in Wood wall hanging by jackdolanwoodcraft on Etsy Amazing artisian

TALIESIN Celtic Art Print by Jen Delyth  Amazing!

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Orion Carvings (Tallados Celtas)

Celtic Wood carving, Handmade Woodcarving, Plate 14 from The Book of Kells, 15,7 x 15,7 in


Celtic design in silk velvet, machine embroidered onto handmade silk paper, with added beads and hand sttiching.

Dragon and rose

Celtic Dragon - Celtic and Fantasy art in Cast Paper by Kevin Dyer, Celtic Irish Scottish Welsh English dragon dragons knot knots knotwork art artwork fairy fairies tree trees fantasy druid druidism

triskel on stone

Celtic Spiral & Tree of Life Slate Carving. by Norseman Arts, Etsy

In Celtic legend, the White Hart was a mystical sign of the Otherworld, which was a kind of spirit realm or place between worlds. If one could follow the White Hart without being seen, it would lead you to a passage into Otherworld and the secret Places of Power. But the White Hart was crafty and if it knew it was being followed it might lead the follower into a trap or render him lost and wandering in the forest for days.

White Stag, often depicted in celtic legends - AoifeTighe…