Biakugan no hime

Byakugan no hime - Princesa del Byakugan

I prefer her normal white Hyuga eyes but I must say she looks awfully cute like this. Then again she always looks adorable.

I prefer her normal white Hyuga eyes but I must say she looks awfully a lot like himawari like this well at least we now know that Himawari will end up beautiful police her mom.

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Himawari awakens her byakugan; this makes me laugh out loud, because really, how is Naruto going to explain this one? His precious little girl just knocked him out! She's bad ass I think she will be the strongest Shinobi ever

Sakura relax  . QotdDogs or cats? . Dogs

🍃Qotd🍃Dogs or cats?

Himawari & Hinata  Sarada & Sakura..

Mothers and daughters ❤️ Hinata and Himawari, Sakura and Sarada ❤️❤️❤️

Hinata Hyuga is the Hyuga clan’s inheritor. #naruto #gamenaruto #mmorpgonline #onlinemmorpg #gameonlinenaruto #gamesnaruto #narutogame

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hinata hyuga----the moment I saw her I was like look at all this cuteness wrapped up....OMG yes I hope she gets with naruto. . and now my dreams have come true...NaruHina is canon and I can now die in peace__not now, but when my time comes

Always knew it'd be her to end up with Naruto. Hinata is such a sweet and strong girl.