Rick Berkelmans is the man behind Hedof, a oneman design studio based in Breda, Netherlands.  Drawing from a wide range of influences and a love for traditional printing techniques, he creates work...

4 layer screenprint, 50 x 70 cm, 200 grams fabriano paper, numbered and signed in an edition of Handprinted by Hedof in Eindhoven, The Netherlands The print

Bestioles by Thierry Bedouet

Bestioles by Thierry Bedouet The Thierry Bedouet’s creatures brighten anyone’s day. Have a nice Sunday!

Aurelie Guillerey and Akemi Tezuka Childrens’ Illustrators

Aurelie Guillerey and Akemi Tezuka Childrens’ Illustrators

Pilgrims, WE - Nicholas Stevenson

Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator who makes pictures that are fun, lively, mysterious and occasionally a bit unsettling.

Kate Pugsley Illustrations | Thicket, gouache on paper

Kate Pugsley Illustrations

Kate Pugsley is an illustrator, painter and surface designer based in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys creating a narrative that is often specific & ambiguous.

TypeToy - Graphic Finds : Photo

Be happy - Illustration detail by Elizabeth Browzowska from "The Boy Who Wouldn't Eat His Breakfast", Wonder Books,

Pot du bonheur

Pot du bonheur