Illustration from "Baby Dear", My baby sleeps in a cradle by Eloise Wilkin, Golden Press, 1962

My baby sleeps in a cradle Illustration taken from "Baby Dear" - by Esther Wilkin, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Golden Press, Wisconsin, I love this book!

Illustration by Phyllis M. Purser

Vintage Postcard Illustration-Child, Doll, Bunny DIY - how to make mini felt animals DIY paper Boats Cooking Together: 20 Simple Recipes for.

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rock a bye baby - baby congratulations by in pastel, via Flickr

This is the same picture embroidered on a wall hanging of my birth announcement. I think it was an illustration for the nursery rhyme, "Rock a bye baby

<3  Josephine and her Dolls - Honor C. Appleton, illus.

Josephine and her Dolls - Honor C. Appleton Drawn by Honor C. Appleton to illustrate the series of books about 'Josephine and her Dolls' by Mrs. This is a postcard by IKEA, printed in the


Oh oh how adorable the way he's standing on his tippy toes, Vintage Childrens Print by keesandme