Caballero de Arkham

Is this supposed to be the Anti-Batman "wrath"? because I love it ------- << Original Comment >> ------- Batman Arkham Knight Armor

Bruce Wayne Dances the Scorpion Tango in 'Batman Incorporated' Variant Cover by David Finch

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Batman by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. It looks like a panel from "All-Star Batman and Robin" written by Frank Miller

Best Art Ever (This Week) - 08.24.12 - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

black-box-comics: Batman by Rafael Grampa More comic art at Black Box

Corn;O..>>>>>>>>>>AHAHHAHA wEs yA ^+ tHroW iT uP SyDwAyYYYYYYyZz yAhkNoOOOOOOOoW!! rEP~N The dUb O U"ell - Pictures & Characters Art - Castlevania Judgment

Lycan Deathknight = Darkness: One must fully understand the path of light before they take up the path of darkness. it may be the only thing that saves you should you stop using the darkness and it starts using you.

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Batman is my favourite superhero, because he doesn't have any superpowers.

Digital Illustrations by Stanley Lau

Awesome BATMAN, BATGIRL and NIGHTWING Geek Art Series - News - Geek Tyrant. Nightwing always looks hotter in fanart than in the comic books themselves for some reason.illustrators could have a new market of fangirls if Nightwing looked like this.

Batman and Robin I need a friend who realizes how awesome Robin is and would prefer to be him

I am the biggest David Finch fan around, so when the mega talented Richard Friend posted this on DA, I new what I was gonna be coloring! Batman by Finch+Friend Colors