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de Batiactu

La soucoupe flottante, cet habitat rétro-futuriste

Segundo os criadores, o veículo flutuante viaja a uma velocidade de 6,5 km/h e funciona mesmo no mar bravo

The Question Marks of Blended Family Life:

“Long ago we realized we can’t possibly solve all the world’s problems. And maybe we shouldn’t even try. We understood that we needed to develop our hearts and minds and not just our fighting skills. With all the good that needs to be done, it was impossible to accept that nobody should ever do what we do 24/7. That way lies madness. Trust me, I know. If you come to believe you’re a god and you fail, where does that leave you?”

A quick (albeit larger) piece I did for a fellow horror friend. Baba! Dook Dook!

Now that's one cool Riddler...!!!