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Corset-look back tattoo with heart. I personally would have left off the top part, with the flower looking designs. It distracts from the beauty of the corset design. Still, the corset part is just stunning.

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Omg this is freaking awesome...sexy sexy sexy

piercings and tatts and corsets. piercings and tatts and corsets. piercings and tatts and corsets.

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Back Corset tattoos for women. A beautiful tattooed women is exploring this creative and detailed womanly corset sexy tattoo design on her back.

tatouage dentelle bustier dos complet femme

tatouage dentelle bustier dos complet femme

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Binding Corset Tattoos - Inked Magazine I'd never do one of these, as a tattoo, I'm totally buying a corset one day but I love the idea of these tats!

Leg tattoo. Lace up boot look. Kinda cool.


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Skull tattoo art by Niki Norberg

Woman and Skull tattoo by Niki Norberg

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