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The World In Their Eyes

An entry from The World In Their Eyes

LOVE the rays of light beaming from the clouds. I like to think of them as a little of Heaven's light shining through on earth!

An active volcano represents one of the most dangerous hazards on earth. Yet, this photograph of an eruption is stunning!

Matthew Albanese: Strange Worlds. "Volcano, "Breaking Point", made out of tile grout, cotton, phosphorous ink. this model volcano was illuminated from within by watt light bulbs.

super moon

Harvest Moon - in honor of my brother Beachum Bowman. Before he passed away he called me one night and wanted me to go outside to see the harvest moon~it was beautiful!

A Storm's a brewing

This is an awesome picture. Supercell Thunderstorm by Sean Heavey, nationalgeographic: A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. This was a winning shot in the 2010 National Geographic Nature Gallery Photo Contest.

starry sky 2

Maldevian Starry Sky ~ The night sky seems totally different when there's no stray light disturbing the view! Photograph by Dominic Kamp.

.love being on a plane and looking out on this

Above the clouds: Savannah London Looks like the clouds I was up in when the engines went out on the plane