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Vegetable Garnishes

Vegetable Garnishes

Garnish Food | and food garnishes plate food garnish part 1 http garnishfood blogspot ...

Garnish Food | and food garnishes plate food garnish part 1 http garnishfood blogspot ...

Garnish Food | valentine’s day garnish | Food and Tools

RECIPE INDEX FOR GARNISHES Sprouted Red Cabbage and Cress freshly shaved parmesan cheese chocolate curls gremolata tomato rose home-made honeycomb sugar frosted mint leaves SaveSave

Lemon fish garnish ~ Carrot fins and lips pushed through slits cut in the lemon.  Olive eyes held with toothpicks.

Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Golden Fish Plated Fruit Arrangement

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Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Orange Peel Garnish: Flowers ++ Guarnicion flores hechas con piel de naranja

Decorative Food Garnishes | From my kitchen....: Tomato lotus garnish

Most people think that chopping up few vegetables or fruit with some dressing on top makes a good salad. But, see the difference it makes .

A garnish refers to an item or substance used as embellishment along a dish or drink. Basically, some garnishes should not be eaten as they are for decorative purposes only. Nonetheless, they are edible. According to Campbell’s Kitchen, the following are the most common garnishes used by chefs and home cooks around the world: - See more at: http://easyonigiri.com/food-garnishing

Food Garnishing is the finest way to create an illusion making your cuisine not only stand out of its taste but also for our visual receptors.

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Look for easy garnishing: Sandwich Art. Cucumber, Tomato and Salami Garnishes Mukimono The Japanese Food Carving Japanese Food Garni.

this would be 'killer' coming out of a veggie dip bowl

Cucumber Killer Whale by Brock Davis.this isn't really a "recipe" it's more of a technique but what a cute idea. you could make a smaller one next to it to have a baby alongside like our Puget Sound orcas


Here is a very simple example of functional food art that can serve as a garnish to your meal. Also on this plate you can see a rose garnish made from carrot.