Friends Applaud, The Comedy is Over

A young Rick Astley ( pictured ) could not lose the love of his life . He then declared he would " Never gonna give you up " and a hit song ensued soon after.

I wrote an article about this type of opinion in high school..Please ladies, dress for yourselfs, not a man

comicallyvintage: How to get that he-man husband. these are the things I think about when I’

Pop Art Retro Comic Illustration Humor Meme

Some day I want to write a new Patsy Walker Hellcat series that draws heavily on the old insult/humor comics, starring Hedy Wolfe as a diva supervillain.

Pretend You Love Me - SATURDAY EVENING POST "LEADING LADIES", FEBRUARY 22, 1958 PG.40 by Kurt Ard

Kurt Ard illustration for the story "Pretend You Love Me" in the Saturday Evening Post, February 1958