Gorgeaous colors on a beautiful hot air balloon

Circa Survive cover art tattoo for On Letting Go. However, it is incorrect as the strings are suppose to connect to a girl whose head is aflame and keeps the balloon afloat.

Graceful balloon watercolor tattoo on shoulder for girls

diggin hot air balloons - that's quite the tat.yes Squires Squires Squires Vanderhoof Brand'l

Food processor food tattoo. Dedication!

I love the reflection in the mixer bowl. I'd never want a mixer tattoo, but the craftsmanship is amazing.

Angel Baby Memorial Tattoos - BabyCenter @Tiffany Schoonover

Angel Baby Memorial Tattoos - BabyCenter --- I love this idead for the tattoo for Kaelyn. I would love it if someone could re-create her feet perfectly. This is so sad and beautiful.


hot-air balloon & anchor tattoo - looks so awesome. Love the detail on the balloon!

tattoos-for-women-colored butterfly

Hippie tattoos are becoming very popular today. Here is a great selection of todays top hippie tattoo designs and ideas,