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Teenager Post Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like to forget how to walk

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my crush is always staring at me when I try to stare at him and then we make eye contact, look away, and start blushing.

Macie Lyn does this! Flipping love my little chocolate labbie dog!

Teenager Post - True love is when your pet comes to your room on its own.

But if my teacher says hamburger or hotdog I get hungry or they make a problem abt food

My math teacher was like, 'Now we are going to fold the paper.' Then a kid in my class was like. 'Hotdog or Hamburger?' And she was like, 'Hotdog.

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Technically I don’t read books cause I hate reading. The only book I read is the Bible and it’s the only time I love to read.

Um...yes there is. Being hungry and knowing exactly what you want but you don't have it in the house.

Ugh truth <<<< I'll go through the ENTIRE house looking for food, then my mom will come up to me and be like: You hungry? Me: No, not really just want to eat for the fun of it.



Who does this remind you of?

when i do this i shove the whole thing cheese part into my mouth and eat the pizza with just sauce and dough.it is actually really good :) Teenager post

Finally someone understands me!

Omg this is so me every min on the school bus every morning on the way to skol ha ha :L

Funny, Tumblr, and Awkward: Teenager Post 7398  That awkward  moment when you're  playing with your pen  in class and suddenly it  flies across the room  llteenagerposts tumblr com

One time when I did this my pen flew across the room and smacked my friend in the face. I had the hardest time holding back my giggles while she stared at me so confused as to why I threw my pen at her.

My poor mother is going CrAzY because i talk so much. My dad just ignores me. It's a gift! ~Writings by Belle<3~

I'm a really shy person if I don't know the person! I literally become insane.Yep,totally me

Hahaha! Stupid but true!

funny quote dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower is one of the most terrifying experiences in life

Oh my gosh! I can not tell you how many times I have done that today

I do this more often than I'd like to admit. I count wondering if I really want to read more, then I start reading more, get hooked, and I end up not being able to put the book down until I get the answers I want. Only for school books tho lol

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