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Raça de gato Russo Azul (Foto: Divulgação)

de Cats In Care


Russian Blue - As its name indicates, this blue-coated cat seems to be of Russian origin; it is said to have arrived in England during the mid-19th century aboard a Russian merchant ship. The most distinctive feature of the Russian Blue is its fur, which seems to be frosted with powdered sugar.

A cat with blue coat color is illustrated by this stately Russian Blue. (Looks just like my Baby)

The Korat was discovered in Ampur Pimai of the Korat province in Thailand. The earliest known record of the Korat appears in The Cat-Book of Poems or Smud Khoi of Cats, produced some time during the Ayudhya Period of Siamese History (1350-1767). This book presents the seventeen “good luck” cats of Thailand, including the Korat, and is presently located at Bangkok’s National Library.

amazing pic, beautiful eye color