<3 'the hardest thing in this world...is to live in it' - buffy

What if I incorporate one of my fav Buff quotes around my rose and have it re colored?


I want a bee like this on each knee so I can officially be the bees knees :) hehe

au revoir #tattoo

the best thing about this tattoo is that it looks like a grenade, and the caption is 'au revoir' but then you get closer and realize its an elephant piloting a hot air balloon.

Did you know that a bee   has to fly hundreds of miles a day and go to hundreds of flowers to get enough nectar to bring back to the hive?

I have moved out on my own, started a new “adult” life which has proven to be scary and hard. I have also started my pursuit for my career…the bee represents how hard I am going to work to.

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Small bee done on my inner forearm by Andy Johnson @ Cap City Tattoos in Columbus, OH I want a bee tattoo

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Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!

Some Moon Tattoo Meanings at-a-glance: * Dreams * Intuition * Feminine Power * Divine Light * Shadow * Magic * Purity * Hidden Strength * Sensuality * Mysticism * Cycles * Subtle Energy * Mystery * Influence * Eternity *

Suddenly I'm Overcome

Honey bee tattoo by Sam King at Golden Spiral tattoo, Greensboro NC, USA Seriously want a "bee's knees" tattoo

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