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We had two years together, and I take comfort in knowing we're still friends. We still talk, but I take even more comfort in the fact that you know you screwed up. But hopefully things go back to normal soon, I miss

But I need to find myself. My passion. My sole reason for surviving is NOT you.

What if....

What if....

i carried You everywhere with Is today. i turned to You and asked if You liked it, i reached to hold Your hand, my radar was set for stuff Youd wear, You are always with me my Sweet Love. You will make every good thing great, Youll make it its best. i Love You beyond words my Love!!❤

I wish you were here with me for the good times. I miss us having fun. I miss my best friend

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Quotes About Love : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description I hope you find a love you don't have to question.

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That damn heart of mine. rupi kaur.

I know he is gone yet I'm still waiting for him to walk through the door, hear him say good morning, hear him say I love you, give me a kiss Ugh Rupi always knows my feels

This makes me die inside, because if this was true, I would laugh myself

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Gotta remember if he wanted me. he would've chosen me.

I miss how happy I was with you love quotes quote sad pain missing i miss him missing him missing her i miss her i miss you quotes.


If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. So sad actually but so true - I need to remember this. not only with guys but with everyone

First love

Your first love isn't always the first person you kiss, or first person you date. Your first love is the person you always compare everyone to. The person that you will never truly get over, even when you've convinced yourself you've moved on.

This is so stupid but so true. this is literally how i feel at this point in time. Idk how I think this will work....

I often feel this way because I can't usually get all the right words out and express how I actually feel i have a pretty hard time letting people in there's only one person in my family i really trust to tell anything to

Sometimes the first guy to ever hold you, and love you... Is the first one to break your heart. But that doesn't mean every one to follow will.

My guy is going to understand me and make me feel so worth his while no matter what and consistently!

You did it on purpose is all I feel. Cause there was a choice. And after things get done words uttered to comfort the other is normal

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