Jack Johnson battles the Victorian-era robot “Boilerplate.”, ca 1910’s

circa 1910 photo of boxer Jack Johnson and his Victorian era Robot opponent, “ Boilerplate ”.

POWER. Talk Shit Get Hit

Mike Tyson Is Introducing Holyfield Into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

prova di un casco da rugby

A man testing a prototype football helmet. - 25 Rare Historical Photos Youve Probably Never Seen Before Part 2 Best of Web Shrine

Старинные фотографии (64 штуки) | Релаксик

ms-peculiar: “ Two victorian sideshow performers boxing - the fat man and the thin man.

Too fabulous.       Anne Francis, Forbidden Planet, 1956                    Costumes by Walter Plunkett                                                 via doctormacro.com

Anne Francis with Robbie the Robot star's of Sci-Fi classic 1956 Forbidden Planet. Made in 1956 and STILL one of the best science fiction movies ever made. See a very young Leslie Nielsen as the ship captain when he was known as a dramatic actor!




Des souvenirs entre fiction et réalité par Weronika Gesicka

Polish artist Weronika Gesicka combs through image banks, collecting stock photos from the and Then, in Photoshop, she tore them apart and then put them back together like pieces in a.

How can they possibly explain these strange photos from the past.

41 Very Odd Black and White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

This strange image is just one of Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained"(naw, this ones easy. The kid is painting a face on the older gentleman, who has male pattered balding. His head is tilted toward the camera is all. Not so odd.


Poker face mask 42 Weird And Hilarious Products That People Actually Used In The Past


Franko Wiktor Freckle Faced Girl as Cosmonaut

Jack Johnson Boxer | Jack+johnson+boxer+record

arristide: “December 26 1908 : Jack Johnson 192 lbs beat Tommy Burns lbs by PTS in round 14 of 20

Triumph vintage Japanese ad 「トリンプ・ブラスリップ」(1970年) What's with the chain?

It's time for another round of advertisements which will leave you both scratching your head and deeply impressed. Such is the world of vintage Japanese advertising.

Robot flapper pinup  Jeffery Scott

Visions Within Mechanism Industrial Surrealism by Jeffrey Scott - Baby got back (a weird one haha)!

Jack Johnson & Jack Gilinsky❤❤❤❤

Jack Johnson & Jack Gilinsky❤❤❤❤ Check them out on vine, and Spotify! Their name on Spotify is jack and jack