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Stay young the Vampire Way...

Stay Young the Vampire Way “Drink this much. - Stay Young the Vampire Way “ “Drink this much Human Blood Every Day! – Drink a full big glass of Human Blood every single day to get plenty of B Negative – one thing your undead body doesn’t store up.

Ads - The Monsters Are Back

So cool, they really did glow int he dark! ~ Blue ~ Ads - The Monsters Are Back

Horror Movie Stickers - 8 by Aeron Alfrey, via Flickr

Monster Brains posted this fantastic series of vintage stickers. Many incarnations of classic monster icons here… Has anyone seen stickers l…

Spook Show Poster

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The Phantom Of The Opera by Basil Gogos Mr. Claude Rains: I didn't care for the adaption itself (they used the burned-by-acid ploy), but on the whole, I thought he made a great phantom.

A collection of monster portraits painted by the legendary Basil Gogos. Basil Gogos is an American illustrator best known for his striking portraits of movie

Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)

‘I was expecting to be frightened on my wedding night, but nothing like this.’ - Joan Hayden as Gloria Castillo in the 1957 sci-fi/horror/comedy film, Invasion Of The Saucer Men. Mostly due to low-budget special effects and creature wizard Paul.