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@Elisa Lacerda a hahaha

See the postcard Café Terrace, 1971 Heat wave by KEYSTONE and the other Nouvelles Images Drinks, Humour, Other portraits and characters postcards.

kid friendly meme - Google Search

Funny pictures about Screw clowns. Oh, and cool pics about Screw clowns. Also, Screw clowns.

Vatican Women’s Rifle Team, disbanded 1942. Sister Juliette left the order to join the French Resistance. #WWII

Vatican Women& Rifle Team, disbanded Sister Juliette left the order to join the French Resistance.


USA Olympic Drinking Team - It's a gold medal in London in for sure!

Best medical advice ever!

Funny pictures about Important Medical Advice. Oh, and cool pics about Important Medical Advice. Also, Important Medical Advice photos.

Woman Wearing Strapless Evening Gown Holding Up Tall Pilsner Glass Of Beer Looking At Camera View Large Photo Image

drunk lady. photographer, date?

"Lady feeling the effects of too much liquor. Kansas, 1946 girl I feel you" Love your hat! Lady feeling the effects of too much liquor. Kansas, 1946 girl I feel you

"The 'Isolator' is designed to help focus the mind when reading or writing, not only by by eliminating all outside noise, but also by allowing just one line of text to be seen at a time through a horizontal slit."

1925 The Isolator is a bizarre helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration by rendering the wearer deaf, piping them full of oxygen, and limiting their vision to a tiny horizontal slit. The Isolator was invented by Hugo Gernsback,.


Lady drinking tea, or is it me? - This photo was published in 'Picture Post Britain' by Gavin Weightman.

I want SO MUCH to believe that this is not a Photoshop job and these flappers are actually holding signs that spell out "badass"...

Photoshopped, but still amusing. The "Badass are actually 1928 WAMPAS Baby Stars in a promotional photo.

Vintage Dames Drinking Wine Label on CafePress.com

Four women chug bottles of illegal liquor, circa Is What America Looked Like When Alcohol Was Illegal

Funny Vintage Snapshots Show How People Eat Watermelon

Ode to the Watermelon – 33 Vintage Snapshots of People Looking Funny Eating the Fabulous Fruit

1920's    J is for Juice Joint  An illegal bar (also called a speakeasy) that sold alcohol during prohibition. "We're all headed to that juice joint tonight."

The A-Z's Of 1920s Slang

Chicagoans celebrate the repeal of Prohibition at the Congress Hotel. (Image used in Ken Burns' documentary Prohibition.*) Let us raise a glass and celebrate the repeal of Prohibition on December 78 years ago on Monday!