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Vamos falar de pena de morte? The Life of David Gale.

Titanic 1997 - Kate Winslet with her double

A Letter to Three Wives-1949 Comed/Drama Jeanne Crain,Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern,Kirk Douglas,Paul Douglas & Thelma Ritter. Celeste Holm as Addie narratesThe wives receive a letter from the never seen "Jezebel" of the group Addie Ross,informing them she has run away with one of their husbands, but doesn't reveal which one.The 3 wives all together & away for the day have to worry until later that night when at a dance they'll find out which husband has left by seeing who's husband doesn't…

questao de tempo poster [Crítica] Questão de Tempo

Anne Bancroft as Helene and Jean De Baer as her friend Maxine who as an actress travels to London and anonmously visits Marks & Co.bringing nylons to the girls in Helene's stead. from 84 Charing Cross Road

And Then There Were None - 1945 Richard Haydn as Thomas Rogers is half of the married couple who are the new servants. He is the one who plays the record that unbeknownst to him, accuses everyone of being a murderer, including his wife and himself.

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Questão de Tempo

About Time (2013) Director: Richard Curtis Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy looooove this movie

Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994 - Fiona, Gareth, Scarlett, Matthew, and an obscured Tom who is also Fiona's brother at wedding #1