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This picture is the story to my soul ~ have suitcase, will travel down a beautiful, lonely road, going anywhere!

Country Song 2: and that silly little car couldn't handle gravel roads. When times got stormy and it began to snow, the man soon learned that there was nowhere he could go. He needed something to rely on, to carry his heavy load and he longed for his old truck, the one he'd abandoned long ago. So he went to his yard to start it up again but the thing wouldn't start, its heart was dead.

to go exploring down long dirt roads in an old truck, my favorite thing to do:)

I think I might just live here

This could be a favorite place/space! It is the type of house we see while traveling out west. They sit below a mountain in a field in their own space. Just beautiful


I just want to be home, a place where i find peace and comfort. Where beauty is everywhere you look and is natural. The air is crisp and fresh. The only sounds you hear are animals and leaves blowing in the trees. Country roads take me home.

Photographer Unknown

Puzzle Wood bridge, Coleford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.

#Plank_Bridge, #Cascille, #Northern_Ireland

i have this reaccuring dream that takes place on a bridge like this the ending always is the same, me in the water wondering if this should be a prioritu.fate maybe Plank Bridge, Cascille, Northern Ireland

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ~ Susan Sontag (American writer and filmmaker #Travel #Adventure

Oh my word, the only things I want out of life. A passport, a journal, and a camera. Go explore.

güzel yol

Country road in Germany // Those yellow specks are known as canola, rapeseeds, or oilseed rape that grow abundantly in our area. Very pretty view along the Autobahn.

Get a fast car and drive the Furka Pass Swiss Alps added to my bucket list!

The good ole days.

Poppy fields by emma williams. Biking on a dirt road in the countryside feels