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The Walking Dead, best show ever! I knew that.

The Walking Dead, best show ever!

The walking dead

The walking dead

TWD - Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead

It's for you loved this scene

This scene tho😊❤️

the walking dead let me love you gif

The Walking Dead/Welcome back, Officer Friendly.

The Walking Dead/Welcome back, Officer Friendly.

The Walking Dead.

now down to 2 :-( Three episodes left and I still have a shit load of questions that were promised to be answered.

Yup!!! Probably the hunters! That means the scene with them and Carl is coming in season five o.o if he doesn't die... ugh.

The Walking Dead funny memes

Me last night

But didn't Carol totally walk in on Lizzie smothering Judith?

Walking Dead - Darryl Dixon

Don't EVER try to mug/jump Daryl. xD My all time favorite character from AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixo. Never jump Daryl Dixon.

I honestly think Daryl and Carol should be together, not Beth and Daryl :P

The Walking Dead memes

My reaction too

:( my reaction exactly to the new episode of the walking dead


'The Walking Dead' star David Morrissey teases fans with another return of The Governor - wishful thinking or a real possibility?


Forget the Ricktatorship. I'm all up for Carlmunism.

The walking dead

Rick chewses his path