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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki bloopers

The gag reel was so funny! They were waiting forever for the snake to go over.and Sam just got up and left Dean there by himself.


i love stoned cas tho

I dont wanna ruin anybodys day but Dean aint my fave character after what he has done.

Hush little fandom don't you cry, you all knew your favorite character was going to die.

"Swan Song."

Chuck (aka Carver Edlund) and his monologues in "Swan Song." The most beautiful episode I've seen yet.

haha so cute

I am AGAINST Destiel and Wincest but this is hilarious. Dean and John Winchester, Castiel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<If you don't ship destiel then why did you re pin it?

Dean and Cas

I should use this in the classroom to show that your mom jokes are not funny. However, I think only my students who like Supernatural will get it and they do not make your mom jokes.


They should've put a gif of him in the gym shorts when he was a gym teacher at school at the bottom XD lmao "the whistle makes me their God"


Can you gusy finish this textpost: Four score and seven years ago; Dean: “I had a funny hat.” I loe how it always ends up here. The Supernatural Fandom

You don't understand I need pie  Cas

That poor kid.

Plan D for Dead Crowley, sounds like one of Dean's classic comebacks


PSA: Why do people keep doing this? Taking Parks and Recreation quotes and putting them with Supernatural stills? This was a quote from season 4 episode Park, Parks and Recreation.


The SPN fandom strikes again.

Sam and Dean border on psychotic.

Borderline psychos Excellent commentary on the Winchesters.

The entire show in a nutshell (gif set)


misha is precious