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This is one of my favorite social games.Sit in a circle, and starting clockwise, whisper a question to the person on your left so that only they can hear.  For example, Who is cute? Who has the best fashion? Who has the best hair? The question and answer must be regarding the group playing. The player must answer the question aloud to the groupNext you flip a coin. Heads means you reveal the question to the group. Tails, you start the paranoia. Have fun!

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Anniversary, Wedding or Valentine's Day art project

Ha! When you first started dating. For the kitchen! So cute!

The most fun group game you will ever play. Once you play, you will agree. Instructions for making the Candy Ball and playing the game.

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Party Planning: How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

Everything you need to know about hosting a flawless dinner party. favorite tip: "Hosting a dinner party should be enjoyable for the hostess too. Once your guests have arrived, relax and enjoy yourself along with them. Resign yourself to the fact that dishes can be done the next morning. Tonight, enjoy the good company, delightful ambiance, and delicious food you put so much work into"

Love this for when you're bored :) Long list of questions to ask each other- would be fun for a long car ride

Easy way to make new sandals out of old flip flops

Christmas tree stand for artificial tree

81 Fun Questions to ask your Boyfriend! These are really fun for in the car when you run out of things to talk about. They spark some really good conversations.