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My college class is turning me into such a smartass. The assignment was "draw a series of boxes above, at, and below the horizon line in perspec. Two Point Perspective Exercise

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Drawing Boxes with Two Point Perspective In this lesson, you use two point geometric perspective to transform seven vertical lines into seven three dimensional boxes.Two boxes are above the horizon line, two on the horizon line, and three below.

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Colorists, feel free to color the line art, and link back to me! City in One Point Perspective.

Ms. Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Space Museums- 2-3 Point Perspective drawings

Space Museums- Point Perspective Drawings Isabella D I first found this project by Ken Vieth in his book From Ordinary to.

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How to draw forest in perspective by ~lamorghana on deviantART (awesome three point perspective drawing grid)

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So this was for my performance event Final in art class (instead of a constructive response, thank God! We had to do 2 point perspective and after my failed attempt when we did one point (I got l.

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Tutorial downtown at night by ~lamorghana on deviantART: