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Blue sky & fresh air is 'freshness'. Clean, fresh & cool & 'pure' somehow. That is freshness for me & what I'd be looking for.

Free Stock Photo of Blue sky and clouds

prise à la mahdia, Tunisia

So when you dream, dream big. As big as the ocean blue. Because when you dream it might come true. so when dream, dream big.

Two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl.  Woof!  ^..^

The Water, It Was The Most Beautiful Thing I Had Ever Seen. I'd Traveled From The Other Side Of The Country, There Was Never Water As Blue As These. Finally I Understood True Beauty.


love the ocean.one thing I miss about home.love listening to the waves crash on the beach.the smell of the salt in the air & on your skin.I can lose myself & find myself all at the same time.the memories come flooding back.

François  J. Interiors www.interiordesignbyfrançois.com

Billowy dusk clouds, and the fading of the sun, casts a warm glow, providing a beautiful backdrop for the beach and water below!