The Flatiron  Alfred Stieglitz  (American, Hoboken, New Jersey 1864–1946 New York City)

The Flatiron Alfred Stieglitz (American, Hoboken, New Jersey New York City)

Alfred Stieglitz, Spring Showers, 1900

EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY Alfred Stieglitz, Spring Showers, 1900 Stieglitz founded the Photo-Secession Movement to help validate photography as an art form, they used photo-manipulation to get painterly effects, like this photo

spring showers | alfred stieglitz  Art Experience NYC

spring showers | alfred stieglitz Art Experience NYC

Photographic Magazine camera work By Alfred Stieglitz

Camera Work: The "Most Beautiful of All Photographic Magazines"

Between 1903 and photographer Alfred Stieglitz published a quarterly photographic journal called Camera Work featuring the work of important photogra

Harvingvliet by Alfred Stieglitz

Harvingvliet by Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz, Flatiron Building, 1903.

Alfred Stieglitz, Flat-Iron Building, 1903 The depth of field encourages an interesting perspective, which involves two subjects. The bare tree and the building behind snow-covered trees. The texture remains throughout.

Biography: Pictorial photographer Leonard Misonne | MONOVISIONS

Leonard Misonne - was a Belgian photographer. Misonne was a master pictorialist photographer, whose atmospheric landscapes and street scenes