10 Best Maori Tattoo Designs #polynesian #tattoo

Here are the top 10 Maori tattoo designs that you can try and pick from.

Ta Moko #tatoo #feather #tattoospolynesiansleeve

Ta Moko #tatoo #feather #tattoospolynesiansleeve

Maori designs

Tattoos - Blackwork tattoos - Maori tribal wing or fern rib tattoo


Traditonal Maori silverfern tattoo design with red elements

The use of the colours/pattern of the paua shell in the filling of this tribal fern is perfect! Yes, this is what I'll have hanging down from my celtic arm band. The significance is just amazing.

koru tattoo designs | maori tattoo 123 this modern maoristyle tattoo has a silver fern leaf ...

Maori silverfern tattoo design with tribal koru shapes

Maori inspired silver fern

Maori inspired silver fern

Neat idea for around the side of the boob

New Zealand Maori Tattoo called TA MOKO. uploaded from. NZ tattoo and art festival face book pg.

new zealand fern tattoo

new zealand fern tattoo

Kaponga. Silver Fern. This tattoo requested by Alexandre is shaped after the adult fern and a scorpion was disguised in it (the solid black parts) to represent his zodiac sign[...] Hi res and full description at

TATTOO TRIBES: Tattoo of Kaponga, Silver fern tattoo,silverfern scorpion spearheads octopus tattoo - royaty-free tribal tattoos with meaning

tattoo polinesio

Best tattooshop on Tahiti ! thanks Manu and Tana for your great work ( not our tattoo on The picture )

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Portrait Forearm Tattoo It’s one of popular spot to get tattoo on forearm as it’s visible and you have more chance to express yourself. Forearm tattoos are loved and practiced by both men and women. In terms of tattoo ideas,… Continue Reading →

A Samoan and Maori design. I would love this in oblique area

A Samoan and Maori design. I would love this in oblique area Mehr

Tattoo You - i really want to try this! great way to test out places to see if you'd want a real one there too!

Tattoo You

Tattoo You -a way to test out places to see if you'd want a real one there too. It lasts about a month so you can avoid tattoo remorse if after a week you hate it! Definitely doing this when I'm back with Brittany in Corvo.

I personally don't really like polinesian tattoo, but i have to admit that this is an amazing art work! #polynesian #tattoo More

aztec arm and banana

maori tattoo designs

Daisy Tattoos Designs - Generally, daisies symbolize innocence, although the