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Five things you will need if you're planting seeds for the first time

quando e como plantar sementes pela primeira vez

Organic Slug Deterrent Tip! Slugs eating your vegetable and flowering plant leaves? Here's what to do!

Grow Vegetables? Don't miss this website as an excellent resource with disease ID and alerts.

Wordplay ~ AKA Helping Writers Become Authors - blog and podcast by K. M. Weiland

Make Your Own Soil Testing Kit

Testing Your Soil | To test for acidity: In order to do a quick soil test, wet a small sample of soil and put in a pinch of baking soda. If it fizzes at all, it might be too acidic for most garden plants and vegetables. Ashes from wood can improve this type of soil. To test for alkalinity: Put a few drops of cider vinegar to the soil. If it fizzes, it is alkaline. Use peat moss to reduce alkalinity.

Troubleshooting Tomato Problems

This is a guide about troubleshooting tomato problems. If your tomato harvest is…

7 Vegetables That Easily Regrow Themselves

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Greenhouse & Raised Bed Garden Ideas AND preparing land ideas

Information About Making Compost Tea

Informações sobre como fazer chá de composto

The simple act of saving seeds carries forward centuries of work by humans to cultivate plants that sustain and inspire us.