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Blue Mammoth logo design by duskbitz

for Blue Mammoth with an icon made of the two initials forming a mammoth. Very smart - designed by duskbitz

L'artiste Jin Lee s'amuse à transformer les mots et noms propres en logos très explicites.

30 mots transformés en logos très explicites

This playful series by Ji Lee called Word as Image is one that's nearly 20 years in the making. It began as an assignment for his typography class whi

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I like how the pause button is incorporated here as the letter "U." I also like how they still kept that curve seen in the bottom left of the "U" to distinguish that it is a "U"

sometime such simple connections are so wonderful. i see this and instantly get it. created by Alexandre Napoli, it a great exsample of how simple things can be beautiful.

45 logos créatifs et originaux autour des animaux | Blog du Webdesign

45 logos créatifs et originaux autour des animaux

Pinguin (location pin + penguin)

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Logos of the Alpabet - letter E logo - Elefont

A minimal logo can go a long way. Check out these 60 clever minimal logos featuring great use of negative space, clever type placement and smart logomarks.

371 60 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

60 Creative Negative Space Logo Designs

Ejemplo de logos espacio negativo

Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect for the human eye to fathom. By taking advantage of the negative space, designers are able to create