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I'm just an icicle to these people.

{Rena Lovelis} "Hey there," I say, winking, "I'm Alexandria Clark, of, well, everywhere. I'm a Ringleader in the Harrison Traveling Circus. I sure look it, don't I?" I laugh a little. "Anyways, I'm 21 and really into makeup and music. I speak French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mandarin, and Arabic. They all come in handy when I'm traveling the world. Well, see ya later, alligator."

I'm off to see the wizard...

I'm gonna write myself a goodbye letter...

I'm here to suck your soul out. Delish.

I'm the problem.

I'm your masochist, make me bleed...

I think I'm falling in like with you. :)

Just felt like it. I'm on a plane :)

"of course, I may die in the next ten minutes and I'm ready for that"...

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